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update in the morning OMG

So whoa, I'm writing something in the morning. It's weird. I want to go back to bed. But I can't, because I need to leave in 20 minutes to catch the bus. Which comes at 10:30 today *squees* I'm happy. is the last day for PSSA testing. So no more late mornings for me T.T Late mornings, I shall miss you. More than you can possibly imagine *hugs the mornings*

Why yes, I did eat breakfast today, thanks for asking ^_^ So, what to talk about....oh! Make up work is doing ok. I have 3 more quizzes to make up in math...and my mom freaked out when she found out about them. So, sweet sixteen birthday party scheduled for next friday? Canceled. *growls* Not my fault, my teacher's the one that was never there when I could stay after.

*sighs* Fine, I'll deal. S'not like I need one anyway, I mean, it's just a party.

.....I need new icons. Shall do that when I get home tonight. *grins* Yazooooooooooooooo~ how oh how did you make those lovely ones? I know where you got the pictures, but hoooooow did you make those precious beauties? *smiles with big chibi eyes*
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