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Title: Fun with Dick and Jane: Without the Jane.
By: rougaroux
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: RenoxYazooxIrvine
Synopsis: PWP. Fun in the library.
Author's notes: So, Yaz did one of those meme things....and....yea *rubs head sheepishly* Wrote this in 10 minutes. It sucks. Along with doing other things *smirks* Enjoy the crackiness....oh, and takes place in MSA. Because that's all that makes it make sense...kinda O.o

If one could hear the sounds coming from the library that sunny day, they would have been overly surprised. It sounded like…well, it didn’t sound like reading to speak the truth. More along the lines of if someone was reading a pornographic novel extremely loudly and to the accompaniment of a background voice. Which incidentally, can be found under P in the non-fiction section, if that should ever spark your interest.

Long haired and green eyed, Yazoo looked coolly at his companions and spared them a glance for the first time since this happened. “This isn’t going to work,” he said after a moment, taking in each of their disheveled appearances. Reno’s shirt was even more lopsided then usual, his goggles gone from the top of his head. Irvine had a decidedly smug look on his face, which, coupled with the fact that he was missing his pants and stood only in his underwear added to the absurdity of the situation.

“Hey, I’ll make it work. If there’s one thing I know what to do, it’s make stuff work,” Reno said proudly, leaning against the table. Yazoo sighed and looked down at his own appearance, noting the he had lost his shirt somewhere between the biographical section and the reference books.

“I hate to disappoint you two, but it won’t. We are three people, and...” he blushed lightly “what we want to do is something meant for two. So someone either has to leave, or we stop now,”

“You don’t really want to stop now darlin’, do you? It’s just getting good,” Irvine smirked and walked over to Yazoo, walking around him and putting an arm around his waist. “Don’t you want to know how good it will feel,” he whispered hotly in his ear, running his tongue along the lobe and noting with satisfaction how it made the other boy shake. Nodding and motioning for Reno to come over to them, he continued to whisper in Yazoo’s ear, all the while starting to strip him of his last layers of clothing. Reno, taking the hint, stepped up in front of him and let his own hands wander down his body, brushing up against Irvine’s as they both began to undo the buckle of his pants together. Yazoo whimpered, closing his eyes as the sound of Irvine’s voice washed over him and the feel of Reno’s hands against his skin made his nerves stand on end. Unable to contain himself anymore, he jerked forward and grabbed Reno in a crushing kiss, grabbing onto the disheveled shirt and pulling him forward, tongue and teeth clashing together. Feeling a warm body press against his back, Yazoo ground into the hips behind him and smirked, hearing the sudden intake of breath. Letting go of Reno to let him breath, he left him panting there and turned around, facing Irvine. Lavender eyes filled with lust, he only got a glimpse of the look on his face before he was pulled into another kiss, this one as hard and deep as the last.

“Fuck,” Yazoo heard Reno say behind him, but he paid no mind to the words, just concentrating on the emotion that was heard behind them. Reno was obviously hard, and seeing them going at it wasn’t helping any. Reluctantly letting go of Irvine, he stepped away to focus back on them again. Both faces were flushed and panting and Yazoo had a good idea that his was as well. Smirking, he looked at Reno.
“Any ideas yet?”

So this was how it had happened, Yazoo figured. Maybe if he hadn’t needed to pick up a book that was near the back of the library, then Irvine wouldn’t have found him alone and made his move. Maybe if Reno hadn’t heard the noises coming from said area, he wouldn’t have come investigate. Maybe if Yazoo had been a little quieter, then none of this would have happened.
That didn’t stop the fact that at the moment the only sounds coming out of his mouth were harsh pants and moans as Irvine mercilessly fucked his mouth, eyes glazing over in pleasure as the other boy grabbed his hair and tried to hold onto something. The moans he made were helping Irvine nicely, causing him to vibrate around his cock as he continued to lick his way along it and take more into his mouth. Once Reno slid into him though, his thrusts matching Irvine’s, now that was bliss. The slow thrusting movements gradually gave way to hard, pounding ones that were met on all sides with a moan of appreciation. As Reno slid a slippery hand down the side of Yazoo’s chest to grip his cock lightly, Irvine had to contain another moan, watching Reno’s face in blind ecstasy.

“....” He groaned, almost unable to contain himself any longer. “Reno, hurry up...” he said, stilling his movements for the moment.

“I’m waitin’ for him, impolite ya know to not let him go first,” he said, sounding unbearably smug even as he panted and moaned. Irvine nodded once to show he understood before going back to thrust back into Yazoo’s mouth as the other man did something intricate with his tongue. Sliding his head back, he ran his tongue over the other mans tip and then brought him back down, deep throating him. That was enough for Irvine, and he came with a cry, cock pulsing warm and salty down Yazoo’s throat. With a slight choking sound, Yazoo swallowed it down as best he could and sucked the rest off of Irvine’s sensitive length. Once he was done, the cowboy backed away and lay sprawled out on the floor, spent, watching as Reno continued to pound into Yazoo with more fervor, making the other man writhe and moan underneath him.

“Yea, bet you like that….liked sucking his cock didn’t you, man, that was fucking hot, hell yea,” Reno said, eyes gleaming as he pumped Yazoo’s length in his fist.

“Maybe next time we …ngh….should get you down here …see how you like being stuffed from both ends….mm….” Yazoo cried out once as all his muscles clamped down around Reno’s cock within him, and he came into his hand. Reno wasn’t far behind, and after a few more quick thrusts followed suit, muffling his own cry in Yazoo’s shoulder. Panting for air, he slide out and lay beside him, watching with hooded eyes as Irvine made his way back over to them and lay on the other side of the cowboy.
“Should do this again sometime…. soon,” the sharpshooter mumbled with a grin.

“Fuck yea,”
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