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So.....week went by really fast, neh? I don't have school tomorrow, so I'm planning on getting some quality time....working. I'm not close to finishing all of my make up work, and it gets combined with regualr work....bleh.

Anyway, on to some other things....expect stories from me this weekend, and the next. No school tomorrow, three day weekend, PSSA testing on tuesday, wednesday, and thursday next week. Means I don't go in till later *grins* Since my grade's not taking them yet. I'll have time to write stories! And read! And draw! .....Er, no scratch the last one, no drawing. Unless aiyatsukichan actually pulls through and draws for me...then I'm screwed >.< Ishi, you want porn, you better tell me now. Otherwise I'm gonna screw you over and write something so unrelated to anything you know, it'll be hysterical XDD To me it will be :P

I'm feeling less pervy and pretty girly actually. Like...I'm debating whether or not to attempt to wear eyeliner tomorrow. That girly O.o someone slap me before I do anything of the sort please. I hate poking my eyes >.> .....anyone want to take me out tomorrow? I'm gonna be bored, maybe I'll hit up brother and see what she's doing tomorrow.....*sighs* I'm not up for another late night tonight, I might just go to bed early, then wake up in time to see if Yaz is on XD It's fun talking to her in the morning....even if I've only done it once <3

But oh....OH....chibi_kage damnit, there was something I wanted to tell you...or show man, what was it.....*bites lip* If I think of it later, I'll either tell you or post it. It was important too!!! *cries*

P.S. New icons *squees*
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