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I love Javert. love love him. Any chance of a Les Miserables rp out there? *shifty eyes* ...because...I want to check it out? Y'know, just look and everything...not join....of course I wouldn't join another one *coughs*

Singing is good. Singing clears my head. Which it needed to be, after staying up waaaay to late last night *shakes fist at people who kept her up* *grins* Have I told you guys how much I love you recently? Because you all make my day.

So, really, this update isn't special. One thing. Whyyyyyyyy is everyone so concerned about Tseng?? My god people, it's not like he hasn't seen dead bodies before....a few of those were because of him >.> Wait......*coughs* ok, fine. I'm having fun anyway, who knew a death could be so much fun? *grins*

Hebrew school tonight. Finally finished up my paper about....10 minutes ago? So yea, it's done. Very very snarky though, unlike my last one O.o Hope the rabbi doesn't mind me calling them "old biddies" .....*raises hands defensively* I kid, I kid! I'm respectful-like. So nyeh *sticks out tongue*

So, see you all tonight? Per usual? whim you feeling better? Eat the soup!!!

*kisses* Catch you all later *winks*

Edit: What the heck is White day? Is that like Pi day? Because I know that was today *all smug* we had pie in math class. I like pie :P
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