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It doesn't rhyme in some places, I realize this. I made it that way. That's what I'm going with anyway *shrugs* Critique is welcome. Flame it for all I care. I don't like to write poetry, and if I wasn't forced to write this I wouldn't have. The theme from the poem though....I know many people have been stressed out lately, myself included. This poem put things into perspective for me....I'm not saying it will for any of you, but it is something to think about, is it not?

Life is a Juggling Act

When we are born into the world
Our life is but one ball, small and simple
We laugh, we play, we eat, we cry
No worries, no fears, plague our everyday lives.

As we grow older, our fears are discovered
Hatred, horror, the unknown, the dilemmas
Our lives we learn, are not really our own
They’re what other people expect, what we must do to be shown

There are four balls in life, and each and everyone
We must try and juggle, to balance out work and having fun

The first ball is work the largest of all
The best thing about this one? We can allow it to fall
This ball’s made of rubber
It’s the only one
If we drop it, it bounces right back
We don’t want to drop it, but if it can’t be helped
We are able to make sure we don’t yelp

The second ball is family, the next of them all
This ball’s made of glass, take care to not fall
For if this ball, shatters and breaks
The pieces are gone, no repairs can be made
Luckily for us, this also happens
To be the strongest of them all
Time nor strength can crack this ball

The third of the set is friends, the loves of our lives
This ball’s made of glass also, but beware
While the family ball is able to withstand
The time and pressures of more things then sand
This ball cannot help but fragile
If left alone for to long it will break on it’s own
This one is temperamental though, it has a mind of it’s own
You might go one way, it another
But in the end you will want to be with each other

The last ball is the most sacred, the one you should keep as close to as as possible
This ball is you, and it is the most fragile
This is the one that can break with a puff
Blowing on it might make it go away in a huff
If stress becomes to much, this ball starts to get massive
The bigger it is, the more you don’t want to be passive
For this is the one that is hardest to juggle
To keep this one from breaking is clearly a struggle
Only time will tell how you take care of it
Take care not to crack it, or break it into bits

As we grow older, our juggling act tires
Our arms grow weary, our minds expires
The urge to drop one of them will become extremely strong
But you must have courage that you will be able to go on
Take it into consideration that you’re not alone
For in life, the worth of our continuous juggling is always shown.
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