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ooooooo update

Oooooo, I'm updating my journal. Scary thing. Get out the bomb shelters everyone. Don't forget your favorite bath toy. It might come in handy after the world explodes. That and your towel :P

Nyeh, anyway, I'm working way to hard on all this stuff. I have tons of homework to make up still, and bleh, it's way to much. I can't handle it. Tonight I have stuff I definitely need to get done...but I don't really want to. But I should. I will. Graduation projects coming along just swell....haven't started the new one yet *snickers*

If I keep reading the TsengxRufus rp anymore, I'm not going to be able to function tomorrow. It's Holy crap :P

Yea, this update is pretty pointless. I just wanted you guys to know I'm alive here. Nothing exciting in my life has happened recently, so...not much to tell I guess. Except everything is annoying me today. I need to get out of this bad mood soon, or else people might start throwing things. Me throwing things at others >3

I learned how to make icons. They suck, but I like them anyway. Made the first one totally by accident and took it from there. Actually...I'm not really sure how I make them. I just do *points at icon* See, I made that. Go me *waves flag*

One more thing. Hellsing is one of the coolest mangas I've ever read. Integra Hellsing is so kick ass. I want to be here. Maybe I'll find an rp and play her....*snerks* But no, really. You know the scene with Alucard ripping out the stomach of one of his many victims? So cool. I'm in love <3 Again.

Oh yea, almost forgot. whim is my midlife crisis everyone *grins* Now I'm done.
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