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Explanation time

Ok, so I figure I owe a bunch of you explanations for my disappearance yesterday. Especially Ishi, because I feel so bad that I left you alone at lunch, and it wasn't on purpose.

So yesterday I wasn't feeling the best when I went to school. I figured that it could just be that I was stressed out (which I was) or I wasn't fully better from being sick. Then around third period, I was feeling horrible. I felt like I was going to be sick, I was dizzy, and I wanted to faint. So Sue walked me down to the nurse and the nurse took my temperature and stuff. Everything was looking normal until I stood up to go walk over to the beds to lie down. I fainted in the arms of the nurse and...she kind of woke me up? No idea. Called dad to come pick me up, and he took me to the emergency room for tests.

We spent about...six hours? in the ER, at which point they hooked me up to an IV, took blood samples, gave me medicine, and tried to have me walking in a straight line. Tests came back and we learned that I had an intense case of vertigo. Ooooooh, not fun at all. They gave me a medecine for my nausea, but the nurse pushed it in too fast and the side effect was that I felt like I was going to jump out of my skin. So they gave me Benedryl which knocked me out right away XD

So yea, that's my story. Now I'm home today, feeling much better, but I need a break. Fun stuff, neh?
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