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Now I'm back!! woohoo!!. Well, the concert was yesterday and IT WAS AMAZING!! The coolest thign happened though....we were staying at the sheraton and we met the lady that was doing the promotion stuff for the show....and she got us BACK STAGE PASSES TO MEET GAVIN!!! How awesome is that?? So i got to meet him, and let me tell you...he is so fuckin hot! He's also really nice, he even let me hug him, lol. So now i have a poster, 2 cd's, and 2 shirts signed by him, not to mention a million pictures! even after all of that, i was only about 4 people back from the stage (it was standing room only). i met soem people there that were just as big a fans as me, so we all hung out. yesterday was the best day i've ever had...unfortunately i can barely hear out of my right ear and my throat is crappy (my music teacher is gonna kill me!! eeek). Now i get to go back to the everyday grind of school and such.....

p.s while at the hotel, i completed a picture of Rayne. I'll upload it as soon as i there anyone out there that can color really well though, it's only in pencil, and i suck at coloring, so i'm not gonna bother...but if someone wants to, they can.
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