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OMG I LIVE PEOPLE!! *snickers* I need to learn to keep the time between updates down to less then a week. I get people worrying about me if I go to long....*coughishicougheventhoughisawyouatschoolcough*, i really just wanted a chance to use my new sexy Reno icon that suits my mood today *smirks* you know, the mood that says that you don't care about anything, the whole attitude of fuck the world.....literally *licks lips* Not that I would try of course. Too much travel is bad for your health :P

Ok, on to real updates now. I've got German students coming to my house in 3 hours, and I'm nervous. I hope they speak english. Why am I hosting german students anyway if I take french? Because they are part of the choir we toured with in Germany last year. Woot. Bring them on, I'm ready for them. Hope they have easy to pronounce names.....

Another thing, I got married! Woohoo The love between two people over the internet is such a beautiful thing ^_^ <3 and yes, now that I'm off those pills, I will....keep my cheating down to a minimum. Um....if I stay within the confines of two people that work? ^_~

Caity: <3 Collins and Mark need to play still :P
Yaz: <3 and handcuffs *winks* and this dance thing....Tseng is not looking forward to this. Not. At. All.
Win: When's the last time I've talked to you huh? *pouts* I miss you!!
Erika: .....if I miss Win, I miss you even more T.T
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