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"The yet to be named satirical poem on gay marriage"

By: Me

On a midsummer evening, around eight o’clock,
All the creatures of the world gathered to talk
They had many things to cover, so much to do
So they decided to sit for a time or two
They needed to discuss how they would act
What they really needed were laws to enact

So all the animals sat down together
All the birds of a feather, all the others on heather
After discussing for a time the drinking habits
The donkey took control and looked to the rabbit
“I make a motion to talk about mating,” the rabbit said with an air of dignity
As the other animals murmured amazedly
Mating? Absurd, this shouldn’t be discussed
If it is then there will surely be a fuss

“I second this motion,” the snake hissed, tongue flicking the air
“This needs to be discussed; it is something we all must bear,”
The donkey nodded his head, pounding his hoof to a rock
“I have an idea I know you all will surely not mock,”
Hee-hawing for a moment, he then resumed his speech
As the other animals stared at the leech
“I propose that we can choose our own spouses
But of the same species? Oh no, that needs to be douse’”

The animals stared at him with shock on their faces
Who was he to come up with such phrases?
To marry another, from outside the species
Why, that would be horrific, like some really bad quiches.
But after awhile, some of them started to jump on the ball
Why yes, maybe this idea was a good one after all

As all the animals looked at one another
A new thought came to their minds with a bother
Who would be the one they chose
To live with forever and to never lose?
Would the snake choose the rat, and would he not eat her
Or would the bear choose the deer, and would he not beat her?

These were the questions that ran through their minds
But it was the elephant that voiced one of its kinds
“What about me?” he cried as one foot gave a pound
“I’m sure it’s alright for those that are close to the ground”
“But who would want to be with me, when I am so very large,”
“There are no other animals as big as a barge,”

“I agree,” said the ant, who was so very small
“Why would I want a mate that could roll me like a ball?”
“Besides, might I add, I doubt I ever could,”
“Love someone of a different species like I should,”

Then the donkey and elephant got to fighting each other
While the other animals met up with one another
There was much bickering to behold on the hill
As the animals took up sides to decide what they will
Some said they would do what they were told
While others said they would not uphold
The rules that that jackass told them to do
They said they wouldn’t follow them through

And would you believe it? To this very day
The animals are still wasting their lives away
Arguing a problem that has been discussed so much
That many of the original animals are pushing up dust
They can’t come to a decision, because once they do
Another group finds a problem or two

It’s a shame they need to always come back to this
Why, with all of the time they’ve spent, there is so much they’ve missed!
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