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RIP Silky

So I finally come back this. Oh god, I'm in shock. Absolute shock. We were friends (or as much friends as we could be) and I just don't believe it. We weren't as close as I know you were with some people, but I felt that we were good friends. We used to talk on aim about...oh, just stupid stuff I guess. But now I'm trying to remember all the stupid stuff....

RIP Rhea. I never knew you in real life, and I think that is the thing I'm most regretting at the moment. You were a great friend, you were a great writer, and you made all the dolls that everyone loves so much.

I keep my own doll that you made for me proudly in my userinfo, because I don't ever want to forget you. I hope that when I do finally get to see you, I can tell you just how much you meant to me as a friend and I'll hug you and never let go.

Oh god...I'm just sitting here at my desk right now, sobbing my heart out over it. All of my other know I love you all, right? I guess you never truly know how much someone has touched you until they're gone. My prayers go out for Rhea and her family, and now.........I need to go light a yortzite candle *breaks down and cries*
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