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Yes, money has got to be the greatest thing ever....haha, just got done baby-sitting some kids, and I am living in dough!! well, not real dough...then I'd be like a pastry...ok, I think I might be really tired, so I should stop talking....but I won't 'cause I don't wanna! (and now I feel like a 4 year old...heh, me and my charges share something in common!). Moving on starts tuesday, I still can't find my choir music (I'm seriously dead....ughh) and I just now got a backpack. Oh, and does anyone know which FMA cd is the one to get?? I want almost all the songs, but there are too many to choose...oh well. I guess I'll wait for the movie...which probably won't come out for awhile, blah. I'm working on a new story now, it's about Erol *collective gasp* yup, my first one about him...been reading others about him, so I figure I got his whole essence down....this might take awhile...doesn't matter though, I got all the time in the world! *cowers under glares* ok, maybe only a couple days or something (Don't hurt me!)
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