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Thank you for a great year

So, it's 2006. Feels kind of the same, doesn't it? I know, I'm late in saying all of this, but I just need to get it out, ya know?

Firstly, I want to thank everyone who has been my friend. You guys have been great, I've never laughed so hard in my life as I have in my time with you guys this year.

Second, I want to thank all my new friends. I would have never met you guys if I hadn't taken that first step and wrote a crappy story and decided to share it with the whole world. My life has never been the same ever since I've met you guys. You accept me, quirks and all, and for that you all are the things most precious to me.

Third, I want to thank some special people in my life. I want to thank sull89 for always reviewing my stories, and for helping me keep on writing. I just wish she wouldn't keep fueling those damn plot bunnies....

I want to thank morningxstorm for sending me THE AMAZING CARD for the holidays, and for just...being my friend. She's a newer friend, and I have way more fun then I should with her XD I love you Reno #2 (because I'm the oldest, I call number 1 :P).

I want to thank aguynamedgoo for being my RP and Rent buddy. I'm glad everyday, because whenever I come online, he's the first to say hi to me, and without him, Victor would have no Mark to torment XD Besides that, if I had never met life would be a hell of a lot less interesting, to say the least.

I want to thank aiyatsukichan for being there. She's my beloved Ishi and without her....I would probably die at lunch. Now, everytime she decides to not wake up in the morning to go school.....>_< bad habit, but it makes me appreciate her all the more when she comes in the next day. Besides, who would share my fun of slashing characters together? <3 you Ishi.

I want to thank filthy_animal, jaygoose, eyeslikesilk, and whim for also being my friends. You guys are so cool, and I feel just a little bit cooler because I get to know you XD

And finally....what, Ericka, you think I would forget you? XD I also want to thank grey_and_blood for being my friend. Oh god, what can I say about her? She's everything I'm not and more, she's the person I look up to, the person that I know I can come to with my troubles, the one that comes to me for help with her own, she's just....amazing. I love her so much, I'm going to remind her of that every single day from now on, because if there is one person I am thankful is my friend, it's her. I love talking to her on the phone, I love talking to her online, I love to rp with's like some type of addiction I tell you XD But really *sigh* Sometimes words just fail you, ya know?

Anyway, I want to wish everybody a happy new year. I hope that this one will be a good one for you all, and that everything that you want to happen, does. Love you guys <3

~Amy, Blues, Ishi, Ayumi
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