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Bored and sleepy

I'm tired. And bored. And hungry...ok, wait, scratch that, i'm not hungry. Thirsty yes, hungry no. Aww hell, i'm just bored.


Ok, 4th night of Chanukah, i got...a FMA art book. Such pretty drawings in there! It's really nice, hard cover and everything...wheeeeeeeee ^_^

I've been staying up really late the past couple of nights, this can't be good for me...last night was until 3:00 am, the night before was till 4:00 am...this needs to stop. Tomorrow XP

Oh yea, Razor is very very fruity. Much love to eyeslikesilk for talking to me last night about him, pairings, and Rent <3


Oh yea, and Goo, I'm not going to kill you...yet. But if you hurt Vicki one more time *cracks knuckles* Mark is gonna show you he learned more then just the tango at his community center :P

Edit: Ericka came on! WHEEEEEEEEEE!
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