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sweet 16

IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! *grins* I have had the best day so far, my friends at school bought me balloons, so I had to lug those around all day >_< all in good fun though. Thank you Diana, Alissa, Ann, Michelle, and Shan for everything!!! Alissa, you made me a great card, I love him so, you know that *squeezes card*

And did you find that out? I never knew I was adopted XDDD I love the card so much, you have no idea *hugs* It's so pretty people....turns out Hughes is my daddy :P

Win....omg, you are so awesome!!!! *purrs* how did you know I'd like a Reno icon for my birthday?? :P I love you so much, you know that right? *curls up at feet*
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