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Application for Vincent Nightray for GnD

[journal] rougaroux
[age] 20 (12/20/1989)
[previous characters] N/A


[series] Pandora Hearts

[full name] Vincent Nightray

[age] Physically 23 / Mentally 123

[gender] Male

[canon point] Around Chapter 49, during the time Oz’s second coming of age ceremony takes place.

[reference] Wikipedia link for the series.

[personality] Vincent Nightray is the type of person who falls under the category of mentally unstable, while being able to project an outwardly calm and gentle nature. Even when he uses extreme violence, he is not one to take responsibility for it, instead focusing it on the other person. Throughout his life, Vincent has used his brother as an excuse for many things that he has done, but also exhibits a very strong “brother complex”, which is his main drive and reason for everything in his life. Like everyone else he knows, Vincent is only one of many that is haunted by the actions he took in the past, which have now become the very foundation for all of his actions up until now. His devotion to his brother, Gilbert, is what his guilt hinges on, if guilt is really the right word for it. The guilt he has for not letting Gilbert have a happy past, combined with the methods he uses, is at a complete opposite of everything he says and does. While he thinks that he’s helping Gilbert, he’s really not, and in fact, most of his methods are very insensitive and very dangerous.

As stated already, Gilbert is the driving force in Vincent’s life. The person that he is relies heavily on his devotion to his brother. From the very beginning, all he can remember was seeing Gilbert protect him from people who wanted to hurt him, protecting him from the world, because of his red eye. Gilbert was always there, always by his side, even when their mother sold them to a freak show. Gilbert was the constant in his life, and Gilbert’s protection was all he knew. Because of this, Vincent wants to be the knight to his brother now, and protect him like he did for him when they were children years and years ago. He wants to repay his brother for that, though he goes about it in such a roundabout way. Vincent has a very disloyal nature, and is unable to empathize with others. Really, when it comes to anything involving emotions, he’s unable to fully understand them. While he can pick up on how he should react to a certain situation, and can see why a person will feel that way, but he doesn’t know what to do with that knowledge besides use it for manipulation. He likens life to a game of chess, and he is willing to sacrifice everyone and everything to make sure him and his brother are the ones still standing in the end; and even his own standing in the end is expendable at times.

Because of how he was brought up in the world without a guiding hand in his growth until Jack came into the brother’s life, Vincent tends to hold grudges and continue to use hatred to his benefit. He can be very passive aggressive with his hatred, but it comes about more when he thinks about the treatment he and Gilbert received because of his red eye. Combine this with what happened in the past involving his hand in the tragedy of Sabrie, Vincent has none of the sanity that he once had as a little child. He has a complete disregard for the physical and mental well being of others, is more used to doing things on a whim, as well as having no concept of personal space. His methods are cruel, and he has a mindset of “Kill anyone who touches my brother.” When he was young, he was in very obvious denial of his actions and he refused to take responsibility for them, as well as the desire to protect his brother. This led to the tragedy of Sabrie, and at the time, he did not understand what he had just done. 100 years later, however, he is now very aware of what he has done; this wasn’t just for Gilbert’s sake, but to also bring Gilbert’s past back to him. Vincent blames himself for the tragedy that happened, but not in the way others blame themselves. He does not care about the loss of life, and he does not care about the consequences of it; the most tragic thing that happened, to him, was that Gilbert lost his happiness.

He is a ruthless manipulator, and he is very good at what he does. While he’s fine with getting his hands dirty, he prefers not to, instead masterminding events to fit his situations, which is something the people around him may not know anything about. Vincent will stop at nothing to achieve his goal, and has been shown time and time again of being able to completely detach himself from a situation. He’s the kind of person who is a sore loser, and has very clear anger management issues; these manifest in the form of him mutilating stuffed animals, as well as taking it out on people who cannot fight back. This comes in the form of women, most notably his subordinate, Echo. She’s the one who is there to care for him when he falls asleep because of Dormouse’s influence, but even with everything she does for him, he does not treat her with any respect. He makes her sit on his lap, and while this may not be sexual, it is certainly not appropriate. He hits her, probably on more then one occasion, and gives the justification that she made him angry; this to a girl who never talks back to him, and who does exactly what he wants.

This does not extend just to Echo, or even women that are of a lower rank then him. Vincent dislikes women intensely, even going so far as to say that they are very stupid. He is clearly misogynistic, and doesn’t value women whatsoever. He’s disrespectful to Lily and Lotti, who are both associates he works with and sees probably on a daily basis. This hatred extends to every female, and yet, Vincent is fine with sleeping with them; in fact, in his mind, sex makes him feel superior to a woman. It’s a way of passive aggressively getting revenge back at the women in his life who have made his life hell; his mother, who sold him and his brother because of his eye, Miranda Barma, because she used him as a proxy in bringing about the Tragedy, and even Alice, because she made Gilbert upset when they met for the first time. He is a seducer, however, and very aware of what he is, which he uses to great advantage. This is shown especially in his seduction of Ada Vessalius, who he uses to get at Gilbert, seeing as she’s someone who is important to him. It doesn’t matter what Ada’s feelings are; she’s a means to an end, and that end is his brother.

On the outside, Vincent is charming, friendly, funny, and polite. His words and mannerisms may be whimsical at times, but he is really a very focused and driven person under that front. It is hard to see the insanity that lies beneath, since he is very capable of acting normal in society. He is capable of establishing relationships, but all of the ones he establishes are superficial; he never seems interested in keeping the relationship beyond what will aid him in his goals. He has a masochistic tendency, though it may only be a spur of the moment type of thing more then a real streak. Vincent is playing a game; a very dangerous game, but a game nonetheless, especially in the fact of playing with a group of people who are at complete odds with his own adoptive family. In the end, Vincent treats everyone, even his beloved older brother, as a toy. He could very well be sacrificing everything he has for his brother’s happiness, but then, everything he does should not be taken at face value.

[orientation] When it comes to orientation, Vincent can be defined as Gilbert-sexual. Even though Gilbert is his older brother, Vincent is fixated on him in every possible way, so it is not hard to imagine that this lends to a type of sexual interest as well. However, the best word to describe Vincent would be pansexual, seeing as he uses women to his advantage, whether this includes bedding them or not, and will use men in the same way if given the chance.

[appearance] Image One. Image Two. Image Three.

Vincent is 177 cm tall, with long blond hair and heterochromia. This means that his eyes are two different colors; his left eye being the same gold as his brother’s, and his right being blood red in appearance.

Image of his Chain, Dormouse.

[wish] Vincent’s wish is for his brother to be truly happy, no matter what; for Gilbert to never make that face again. It should be noted the wording of this wish; truly happy does not mean just happy. And Vincent will do whatever it takes for Gilbert to be happy, even if his ways do not make him happy. There may be no true way for this wish to ever be fulfilled, especially if Vincent is constantly in his brother’s life.

[requested house] Any is fine.

[misc notes] Vincent is something called a “legal contractor” in his world. The contract he made was formed with Pandora’s consent, and he always carries his blood seal in a mirror (a small, blood red mirror that he wears on a chain around his neck) instead of digesting the blood like an illegal contractor does. Vincent’s contract is with the Chain “Yamane” or, “The Dormouse”, which is a mouse that always appears to be asleep and floats over Vincent’s head when he occasionally slips out. He slips out more often then others do, since Chains stay in their contractor’s body, but Vincent does not have good control over his. This is also why he has a condition very similar to narcolepsy; it is a result of not having good control over Dormouse’s influence, which is to put people asleep. This can be very inconvenient, and potentially dangerous, seeing as he has no one to care for him when he does fall asleep, which is something his servant, Echo, would do.

While Dormouse's abilities have never been seen in canon, Vincent would need to be more in control of his Chain to use it, however, he would have to practice and learn more self control then he has now. While this is not shown in canon, it is assumed that if Vincent tried to use his Chain’s power to make other people fall asleep, he would also fall asleep, because of the lack of control he has over it. Chains can be described as being very parasitic in nature; the contractor is always being eaten alive in a sense, while legal contractors are eaten at a much slower rate. When Vincent’s contract is up, he will be dragged into the Abyss, where all Chains come from. Lastly, if Vincent’s blood seal mirror is ever broken, he will lose his contract with Dormouse, and he will no longer be his Chain, and he will be powerless. The contract he is in also means outwardly and in appearance, he doesn’t change. That is how he looks 23 when he is in reality 123 years old. The contract does not protect him against injury, however.


[sample 1#] [There’s a shifting about, the screen black for a moment before it moves up, taking in the swath of white skin before a pair of mismatched eyes look into the video feed. The lips quirk into a slight smile and it’s the smile of someone who is laughing at you, not with you.]

It seems like the people here won’t give some personal items back to us unless we meet a set of requirements. But even though they may have forgotten how to be polite and think of the feelings of others [And here his smile grows to one of sardonic amusement.] that doesn’t mean this is necessarily a bad place.

I believe the way of life here has begun to grow on me. [And here he could almost be telling the truth; yet his laugh has nothing to do with being here, and everything to do with who is here.]

It’s a rather refreshing change. Nothing at all like back home, and I know my brother must feel the same way. Ah, but Gil was searching for me here, while back home he wouldn’t have to. I suppose trying to find me must be brother’s way of showing he cares.

[His words are whimsical as he sets the device down, a pair of scissors glinting off to the side.]

But I should apologize; I’ve left someone waiting for my company, and I can hardly deny them of that here, can I not? I have some items from home I need to get, and brother will be mad if I don’t come to see him tonight.

[sample 2#] He was watching them again. The blows that had landed on him had hurt, yes, but it was nothing compared to what he saw Gil going through. He didn’t know how his brother continued to fight for him, continued to take the blows that were intended for him. His big brother was in pain; he was suffering because of him. He needed Vincent to help him, and all he could do was sit by and cower in the corner.

Vincent opened his eyes slowly, looking up at the ceiling. He must have fallen asleep again, he mused, leaving Echo to make sure he didn’t fall. But the ceiling was much different then what he was used to seeing; in fact, he didn’t think he had ever seen this ceiling before. What had he been doing again? There was a sensation of pain, a burning to his skin that he couldn’t place, but it was nothing. An annoyance, really, and he was dimly aware of someone talking, of the feel of a wet cloth. Was he sick? No, he wasn’t sick. He closed his eyes again, ignoring the sound of the person talking, intent on trying to remember.

Someone in white. No, not just someone. That was Gilbert dressed in white, and a smile tugged at the corner of his lips. When had he last seen Gil dressed in white? He was standing before him before he even knew it, and the smile grew. Big brother was here. Big brother needed him. Lips against his that he knew so well, and being pulled into this slumber was pleasurable rather then inconvenient.

He was awake again, and this time was more aware of his surroundings. The clothes they had left were simple, yet elegant. Something he would have chosen for himself, if he cared much for what was being given. He was sitting lazily on the bed, the usual half smile on his lips as someone came in. It was a woman, and he could care less about what she was saying, mismatched eyes glancing about the room. Hearing a soft gasp, he finally looked over, looking at her eyes looking upward. Ah, Dormouse had appeared. Vincent chuckled. "My apologies," He said, the words soft and polite as his mind idly wondered where his things were; he would especially have liked his seal back, but things like scissors could be cast aside for a moment. "I’d like to inquire about the whereabouts of my brother."

His eyes narrowed slightly even as he covered a yawn. "Where is Gil?"
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