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Ok this entry is all about Michy's sweet sixteen..which wasn't so sweet, if I think about it *ponders* You'll just have to read for yourself, there's to much, so I'm putting a cut here.

So, my best friend turned sixteen. OMG, the person I've grown up with, who I've known all my life, you has always been there for me...can now drive. *shivers* scary thought. I mean, she's the one who puts up with me at jew school, who has helped me when I was down, who sent me cards and stuff when I was in the hospital, who has just always been there's hard to get over that.

Anyway, she wanted to have a themed party, so it was. It was great, cowboys western theme at her house, only about 20-25 people there. We acted all dorky and had cowboy hats, hankerchiefs, and little sheriff pins with our names on them. Very very cute, and little kid-ish at the same time. I loved it! So anyway, people were dancing at first, then we ate, then we all decided to play Texas hold-em. Now, not many people knew how to play (myself included) so they taught us. But people got bored, so we had two groups; the group that was playing, and the group at was their whores XD I need to specify which one I was?? Actually, i was 2 people's whores, it was hard work :P So I'm with two people, and we're all having fun, then we all go down to the basement and do more dancing..which was fun. I danced the tango with Dave, Alissa, and Amy (the other one) and just overall did stuff.

You know that thing where you put your hand over someones mouth and kiss them, but you're really kissing your hand. Well....Amy (other one):7 times, Dave: 5 times, and many others, beleive me. Amy wanted to have a massive orgy downstairs with me and Alissa, but we eneded up forgetting...not on purpose, I swear. After presents (I have her a Rent poster I made myself. It had the name like on the disk set, and it had lyrics from the songs all over it), we went back downstairs and danced..a lot. She played the cd I amde for her, and I got to dance with her

*sigh* She's my Angel, and I'm her Collins. That's what we call each other...yea yea, go laugh, I don't care. Then Amy just had to make good on her promise and kiss me. Without hands. With tongue :P Then Dave had to pull me onto the couch and kiss me also...phew, this time with hand. Is it just me, or was I being seriously taken advantage of here?

Then I went home and watched FMA. The end. Oh! FMA was really good, I got to see Archer and Kimbley, and they looked like they were gonna shag each other on the train. I'm in the mood for reading something like that now.....
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