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Worst. Day. Ever.

This, has got to be one of my worst days. >_< I haven't been getting enough sleep the past few days, because of all the homework I've been having, so I've been going crazy. I finally finished my outline for the humanities depression articles, and I still need to answer the questions....I turned in my hebrew paper, so no problems there....

But anyway, the worst? My science teacher lost my science test. So I had to go back and retake the WHOLE DAMN THING! She's not even giving me a curve or anything, no bonus points. I felt I had done well before, and this time? I failed. I bet I did, it was inevitable, I didn't think I needed to study >_< I'm in a really really bad mood now, and I still have work I have to do. And I need to get ready to write more for the rest of the in class english paper tomorrow. Could this week get any worse?


Oh yea, I find out the results of the audition tomorrow. Great </sarcasm>. Someone is seriously out to get me or what?
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