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And so it begins....

Well, it has begun. I've gotten a picture from Ericka for Christmas already. THANK YOU AND I LOVE YOU SOOOO MUCH!! ...I should really work more on my gifts for you guys XDD

Anyway...anybody know anything about the Rosenbergs? A jewish couple tried and executed in the 1950's for espionage against the US. They were caught giving secrets to Soviet Russia, and they should have just been put in jail (evidence against them was pretty slim....the wife's brother testified against them and lied) yet they were killed by the electric chair. People thought that they were killed due to anti-semitism, but that was not the case, and it sparked off so much controversy back then.

^^^^^^ that's my graduation project XDD

Hebrew paper still not done....what's with teachers and projects? I dunno...I did go to services this saturday, and it was great, I sat across from this kid Drew and we were talking about the Torah portion "Jacob and Esau" Now, it says "Jacob put on a goat skin and took food to his father" so what....Esau is as hairy as a goat? Eww...reminds me of that "sheep-boy" commercial for skittles XDD

And that's all I got today :P
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