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Well, it's finally happened, I actually came home from school sick. And here I was thinking I wouldn't miss any days >_< Ah well, I lasted till December so I guess I can live with it. Speaking of December......COUNTDOWN TO MY BIRTHDAY BEGINS!!!! Finally, only 19 days left XD I know I'm excited.....fine, you laugh, but you know you're all the same way when it's near your birthday :P

Anyway...rehearsal last night sucked eggs. EGGS MAN EGGS! What can be worst than having a substitute music teacher? A substitute music teacher that can't play the piano. Oh man, concert's in 2 weeks and we're screwed. The bass's are fooling around, half the choir didn't even show up for rehearsal, and the teacher still hasn't finished teaching us the music. We're singing 6 songs, and we know about....3 of them. I can't wait </sarcasm>.

The teacher did say somethign that gave me one of the best quotes ever. She's playing, messes up (again) and goes "Oh, my finger just slipped off the B flat". O_o Is that kind of like dropping your basket?

Expect stories from me soon, when I'm sick, I write XD

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